Not By itself

A mountain doesn’t climb itself

Happiness doesn’t create itself.

Empathy doesn’t care itself.

Love didn’t happen by itself.

A pandemic doesn’t cure itself.

Your potential won’t find, grow and realise itself.

Your strategy won’t execute itself.

The economy won’t reset itself.

Your organisation won’t change itself.

The harmed won’t all save themselves.

Racism won’t end itself.

Structural inequality won’t remove itself.

The government won’t make itself more effective.

The climate won’t fix itself.

Ignorance won’t cure itself.

A mountain doesn’t climb itself.

It won’t fix itself. They won’t fix themselves.

Time heals wounds. It doesn’t prevent them.

We can’t rely on other nouns, other entities and other people to solve our problems for us.

If we want change, at any level, then we must make it happen. Ideally together. Alone if we must.

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