The complexity of business has exploded in an interconnected digital world. To succeed we need to be able to better leverage the potential of people and enable people to create new value – experimenting, learning and working together to change the organization for the better.        

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Realising the Future of Work

The strategic challenges for all organizations in the digital era are:

  • to leverage new customer opportunities in a rapidly changing environment,
  • realize the untapped potential of people in the future of work, and
  • transform organizational effectiveness with new ways of working.

Build Four Key Capabilities to Support Digital Transformation


Digital transformation and innovation challenge organizations to work in new ways, whether it is employees coming together to solve a challenge, build organizational capability or shape performance in global networks.

Enabling Change to The Future of Work


Simon Terry helps organizations achieve strategic value from innovation, collaboration, learning, and leadership through consulting, coaching or board roles, and, speaking Simon’s blog shares the insights from his work.


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About Simon

Simon Terry is focused on making the future of our work and organizations more human through innovation, collaboration, leadership, and learning. These four capabilities are core to successful digital transformation and great customer experience, an engaged culture and a step-change in performance.


Simon works as a consultant, board advisor and speaker with organizations from startups to global corporates. He has a proven track record of helping these organizations to enhance strategic value creation, enable digital transformation and realize the potential of people.

For organizations to leverage the potential of digital ways of working and innovation, they need to have clear strategic goals, practical plans and to build the capabilities of people and systems that enable success.

Simon works with organizations to:

  • realize the strategic value of collaboration and social learning;
  • develop effective leaders for the network era; and
  • create innovative customer experiences and use new ways of working



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The Power of Conversation

We don’t talk enough. Not text or chat. Talk. The kind of conversation that fosters relationships and deepens understanding. The conversations that explore assumptions and remove misunderstanding. These conversations don’t have to be long. Usually it is preferable that they aren’t. Short but engaged conversations with active listening can make a lot more progress than … Continue reading The Power of Conversation


As days drag into months there is a relentless nature to 2020. For me, escaping that experience involves a rediscovery and recreation of my boundaries. We had barely escaped the summer bushfires and their hunt of climate crisis when the pandemic surfaced. The pandemic led to ever tighter lockdowns, economic upheaval and working from home. … Continue reading Relentless

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