Simon Terry is an experienced, effective and engaging speaker with experience in delivering a variety of presentation formats:

  • Keynote Speaker
  • Board and Senior Executive Presentations
  • Workshop & Learning Facilitation
  • Panel Sessions
  • Videos, Live events and podcasts.

Most Requested Topics



  • The Future of Work: This session is an overview of the drivers of change in work and the resulting changes in our work.  The session highlights the key capabilities that organizations need to manage to be able to leverage the advantages of a digital workplace in the future of work.
  • The Future of HR: Changing work and changing organizations means change for the human resources function. This session overviews a number of trends in the future of HR and outlines a model of how HR teams can manage the new value of a people function.
  • Realizing the Strategic Value of Collaboration: Collaboration is a human process. This talk examines how organizations can get the most out of the collaboration opportunities presented by collaboration technology and develop a roadmap to foster adoption in the organization.
  • How Change Management is Changing: Change Management has matured as a discipline, but the rapid pace of change in an era of digital transformation means change management itself must adapt. This session outlines how change managers can take advantage of new approaches and keep up with a changing world.
  • Working Out Loud: Working Out Loud is a key practice in the future of work.  Sharing work in progress with relevant communities enables collaboration, learning, and innovation. This session looks at the rationale for working out loud and how to get started.

Speaking Bio

Simon Terry provides consulting, advice, speaking and thought leadership to global clients through his own consulting practice, and as Chairman and Owner of Change Agents Worldwide Pty Ltd, a network of progressive and passionate professionals, specializing in Future of Work technologies and practices.  Simon’s practice focuses on assisting organizations to transform customer experience, collaboration, and leadership through leverage of purposeful, agile and innovative teams. Simon writes on social collaboration, leadership, digital transformation and the future of work at his blog ( http://simonterry.com) and on twitter (http://www.twitter.com/simongterry).  Simon is Head of Markets for Lantern Pay, an innovative digital health & care payments solutions, a non-executive director at Bank First, and a Council Member of Haileybury, Australia’s largest private school. He has experience in senior management and transformation in financial services, e-commerce, consumer goods, media and telecommunications




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