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About Simon

Simon Terry is focused on making the future of our work and organizations more human through innovation, collaboration, leadership, and learning. These four capabilities are core to successful digital transformation and great customer experience, an engaged culture and a step-change in performance.


Who is Simon Terry?



Simon works as a consultant, board advisor and speaker with organizations from startups to global corporates. He has a proven track record of helping these organizations to enhance strategic value creation, enable digital transformation and realize the potential of people. Simon believes that for organizations to leverage the potential of digital ways of working and innovation, they need to have clear strategic goals, practical plans and to build the capabilities of people and systems that enable success.

Simon works with organizations to:

  • realize the strategic value of collaboration and social learning;
  • develop effective leaders for the network era; and
  • create innovative customer experiences and use new ways of working

Simon has board and C-suite level experience as an executive, coach, and consultant in Australian corporates, startups and small to medium enterprises.

Simon also holds a role as Head of Markets for Lantern Pay, an Australian health and care claiming start up.  The role involves advising Lantern Pay’s leadership team on strategy, business development and growth.

Simon is a Council Member at Haileybury, Australia’s largest private school, and is a Non-executive Director at Bank First.

Simon’s Linkedin profile outlines more of his experience in senior leadership, strategy and transformation roles across the financial services, healthcare, e-commerce, consumer products and media & telecommunication industries.

If you’d like to discuss the implementation of any of the conversations on this blog in your organisation, please get in touch below.

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Current Projects:


  • Follow this blog to stay up to date with my posts which reflect my ongoing work projects
  • I also share my work on twitter. Make sure to introduce yourself and your interests. I love a chat and may follow if I get to know you.
  • My Future of Work Consulting practice and community is Change Agents Worldwide
  • I hold board positions at  Bank First, and Haileybury 
  • I am co-founder of International Working Out Loud Week:

My Personal Manifesto

  • Purpose is the engine of our work and our motivation
  • Realizing the human potential of our people, customers and community is the heart of great performance
  • We must embrace the chaos of the networked, mobile, empowered, agile, and disruptive
  • Movements, where anyone can lead and contribute, will deliver the changes & innovations required in our organizations, systems, and society
  • The complexity of the path ahead requires us to understand our role in the widest possible social context and to engage the best of our human capabilities – we will succeed by being more human & more social, not less.

A Selection of My Experience

  • NAB and HICAPS: Led a diverse range of businesses to better performance through Strategy, Transformation, Sales, Product Management, Project delivery and more. Championed a Learning innovation & collaborative culture through the NAB Academy and an enterprise social network. Advocate for Adaptive Leadership at NAB. Built the customer experience capabilities of NAB Group.
  • Led sales, marketing and business development for a successful Australian e-commerce web1.0 start-up
  • Mattel: Improved the effectiveness and coordination of the Asia Pacific marketing function and created a China distribution partnership for a global toy & digital media company in the Asia Pacific region
  • Publishing and Broadcasting Limited: Diverse experience of business development, joint ventures and investments for a leading Australian communications company
  • Board & advisory board roles: Melbourne Chamber Orchestra, Scribo, Spectra Training, & Peer Academy.

Still want to know more?  

Then it is time to reach out and get in touch.  I’d love to see how I can meet that need.  I am sure I can make a difference for you too.


  1. Lisa Hannon says:

    Great site Simon Terry!

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