We get this. They don’t.

We are strategic. They are tactical and operational.

We work in responsive, agile and flexible ways. Our employees ‘work from home’.

We don’t enable our leaders. We focus on an employee engagement crisis.

We don’t talk about inclusion. We focus on gender, sexual, and racial diversity.

We don’t address workplace stress. We encourage resilience.

We don’t look at our customer experiences. We discuss customer loyalty.

We don’t trust our employees. We are shocked that they don’t trust us.

We don’t consider power. We are concerned that they don’t speak up or act up enough.

We leverage precarity, risk and threats. They are so timid and fearful.

We know what’s going on. We are disappointed in their lack of innovation.

We seek every advantage as long as they behave fairly.

We are ok. We are sure that they will be fine.

We judge ourselves by our intent. We judge others by their behaviour.

We are us. They are them.

We are fine. When are they going to change?

If only they weren’t so Other.

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