Small Changes Accumulate

1 – Make a small change today.

2 – Do it again tomorrow. You have doubled your influence.

4 (2 to the power 2)- The next day invite 3 people to join with you in the next change. You have doubled your influence again.

8 (2 to the power of 3)- The following day ask everyone to bring 1 people to make the next day’s change. 

16 (to the power of 4) – From day five ask everyone to keep adding one person each time you make a change. Spread the message far and wide in your network.

1,073, 741, 824 (2 to the power of 30) – If you can double your influence for 31 days, only one month, you will have over a billion people carrying out that change. 

Most changes you want to make don’t need that many people or that cumulative power for change.  You might not get to double every day for a month, but the further you get down the path of small changes powered by a network, the greater your influence.

Of course, you have no influence until you start making change. Today.

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