Factlets aren’t facts. Factlets are far more useful. Factlets are the fragments we keep to reassure ourselves we are right. They are the parts of facts that suit your argument.

Truth is irrelevant to a Factlets. All that matters is your argument.

Factlets are quotes from sources we have never checked. Factlets are theories we picked up in conversation. Factlets are opinions that ‘sound right.’ Factlets are that phrase everyone thinks they know without reading the book. Factlets are reassuring statistics devoid of source, method or context. Factlets are history that now has new meaning because new stories suit us better. Factlets are trends from a single data point. Factlets are the simple answer in a complex world. Factlets are easy, comfortable and quick.

Reality is hard, uncomfortable and slow.

Every time you see an argument that depends on one piece of information you will find a factlet. Factlets are bias, distortion and deceit. They dominate our thinking but thrive on a lack of attention. Factlets avoid the effort and inconvenience of real facts and actual knowledge.

Factlets couldn’t be more dangerous to our health, wealth and wellbeing.

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