You need change. Don’t settle for less.

Changing structure is just rearranging deck chairs. You don’t need a new system. You don’t need a new process. More rules won’t fix what your current rules can’t fix. You don’t need more expertise because most of the potential you have goes wasted now. More data will mean more confusion not less. You won’t become more effective by being more efficient.

There are no transactional fixes. If you could flick a switch to create transformational change, everyone would.

There is no proxy for the hard work of change.

To create transformational change in the system that is your organisation you are going to need new conversations and new capabilities. At the start these conversations and capabilities will be uncommon and uncomfortable. You will need change agents to start the conversations, sustain debate and action and help others build the capabilities.

Your unique path to change will emerge guided at first by the few and eventually by the many. Find your change agents. Invest in their development and back their action.

When you need change, back the people who bring it about. Anything else is just a distraction.

PS: if you still think you need new structures, processes, systems, rules, expertise and data to change you will need change agents to be able to make use of them in your organisation

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