Create a space – #RebelJam15 reflection

Moderating the Asia Pacific part of RebelJam15 yesterday was a joy. The event, a 24 hour series of talks was a global celebration of those rebels making work better, changing their organisations and grappling with how to create a more human future of work.

Part of the magic of Rebel Jam was that the event was a space for a conversation. Speakers volunteered themselves. They chose to step into the space and share something of themselves to advise or educate others. The contributions were diverse and remarkable.

The future of work needs more conversations not less. A key role for any rebel or leader is to create the space for new conversations. The more wicked the problem the more important the conversation. Equally important is that it be a real human conversation with passion, emotion, conflict and a sense of shared goals and trust.

We cannot always predict what will come from these conversations. Many won’t work. However every space we create that allows others to show us their potential is a step forward. Every interaction that creates learning and new ideas is a step forward. Every bond that grows from understanding and dialogue is a step forward.

There will be steps back too. As one of the great slides yesterday noted: ‘An optimist is someone who recognises that a step forward followed by a step back is a Cha Cha’. We can carry our hope and our energy into more conversations in the space we create together.

Create the space for new conversations.

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