#wolweek Day 7 – the power of naming

We don’t see things as they are. We see them through our intentions. The power of #wolweek is naming our intent and sharing it with others.

Many people work out loud naturally or have done so since social tools became available. They rightly query why we need #wolweek.

The simple answer is it is not for them, except as a celebration of their exemplary efforts. Wolweek is about change in the way people work. If you already work out loud then you also know the majority don’t share your approach.

In Meg Wheatley’s Two Loops model of change and most similar theories of change a key part of the process is naming the change. Why is a name required? We don’t see the world. We see the world through our own intentions. A new name helps engage our curiosity and to open our filters to look at behaviour again in new ways.

If it has never occurred to you or your organisation that almost all work is a collaboration and that all people learn from sharing, then working out loud is a shock to your system and a reason to look again with new intent. The vehemence of the response that all working out loud does is create noise tells me that this shock is working.

If you want people to act differently, you need to help people to look at things differently. Working out loud week is a collective shout to help that to happen.

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