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Change begins when you start

Today I saw a conversation on twitter between two people who inspire me with their passion and ability to make change, Maria Ogneva and Susan Scrupski.  I also saw a moment in that conversation that represented an insight into change leadership I see again and again.  I paraphrased that moment in this tweet.

Here’s what struck me about this tweet and what makes it a template for all change leadership:

  • A person, our change agent, sees a need for change and forms an intention to make it
  • The intention for change is not fleeting and our change agent reflects on the need for change over time
  • Our change agent has doubts they are ready to make change happen
  • The change agent is very aware of the challenges ahead
  • The change agent decides to act regardless.

Almost everyone can see changes that they want in the world.  Many many people don’t think that they are ready to lead change and have doubts.  Everyone knows change is hard.

Change still gets made.  Why?  

Because people with passion and energy, just start.  They find the way forward and find their purpose in the hard work.

When you look at the lives of great change leaders, again and again you find the same comment.  They weren’t the best placed.  They weren’t the most powerful or most capable.  They weren’t given authority.

Change agents are the ones who see a need, challenges and take action anyway.  Everything else comes with solving problems, drawing others to help and having success.

Great change leaders are the ones who start work regardless.

So when are you starting? Today?

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