Today you will change the world

Lay hold of today’s task – Seneca

Today’s task is to change the world. Is anything less worthy of your unique talents?

You have a purpose. It describes how you want to change the world. Your actions everyday to fulfil that purpose will change the future. Just by doing what you do each day explicitly including that purpose you are starting the process of change.

Start today

You can’t start yesterday. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? Better start today. It is the safest and only choice. End of argument.


Changing the world starts small and grows. Everyone can make a contribution to bringing about the changes that they want to see in the world. The less hierarchical power you have the closer you are to and the more influence you have on the problem. Almost nobody, including those in power, can make all of a change on their own. We need to work together. Make one small change today that makes things better – a different conversation, a different way of doing things or engaging a different person. Small changes accumulate building momentum to the ultimate goal.

Addressing doubts

Everyone has doubts. That niggling feeling of awareness that the world can be better is a doubt. It likes company. Doubts only grow as you move into action. The only way to remove doubt is to address them in action. Otherwise all you will have is a hollow sense of purpose and a bucket of doubt.


Failure will happen. It won’t always be dramatic. However, it will happen. A lot. If changing the world was easy then you wouldn’t be required to do it. Every failure will make your ultimate change better. Be resilient & persist. After all your changes & your purpose are critical. (If to nobody else, they are critical to you).

Reflect on your impact

At the end of the day, as you pull off your shoes, ask yourself “what impact did I have on the world today?”. Ask yourself “what am I going to different tomorrow?”. Ask yourself “how do I feel now?” If you have done anything or spoken to anyone in the day, you have answers to these questions.

Today’s task is to change the world. You are already changing something. Do you want to change it accidentally or on purpose? Make your changes count.

Are you sure you are going the right way? What could you do more, better or differently?

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