‘This Quotidian Act of Forgiveness’ Richard Roxburgh

‘This quotidian act of forgiveness’ Richard Roxburgh referring to twilight in the Namibian Desert. 

Quotidian – adjective ordinary or everyday especially when mundane.

In any journey of change, the past is a problem and the future is bright. Today sits between those extremes. 

Today is just mundane. Today is the hack work, the obstacles and the effort. There’s little glory possible today. Today it can feel like we are not worthy of the future. 

No other day exists to make change. We can’t engage with the past or the future. We can only work through the mundane day at hand, Today. Nobody else will do our work for us. Worthy or not, we have work to do today. 

Forgive the day for its lack of immediate reward. Dive into the work. Stack the the small achievements of each forgiven day upon another. Forgive yourself too and celebrate your achievement each day when done. 

We need daily forgiveness to stay sane as we quest for change. Remember the glorious future will feel as mundane as today because we will be on route somewhere better. 

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