One Thousand #WolCircles

1000 Cranes bring peace. 1000 #WolCircles connect people in purpose.

Great things happen when people embrace a bold dream. For some time John Stepper and I have been discussing how we make his wonderful work enabling others to work out loud available to more people.  John has developed a great facilitation process using circles of 4-5 people to support each other as they work out loud. I have led a circle and the outcomes were invaluable. At a recent event, John’s talk on the value of working out loud inspired the establishment of 18 circles.

First Working Out Loud event at another firm helped launch *18* peer support groups aka #wolcircles cc: @pkmchat @simongterry @chriscatania

— John Stepper (@johnstepper)

May 27, 2015

It is time to dream big. We want to create a 1000 circles so that over 5000 people can fulfil some important personal goal with the support of a circle of peers. The circle process is free and publicly available. These circles share the practices of working out loud in a purposeful way. They also give people an opportunity to reflect on what matters to them, what relationships they need to foster and how to give generously to others.

So our plan is to create 1000 working out loud circles between the International Working Out Loud Week next week from 15-21 June to one we will hold in November this year.

How you can help

I look forward to working with you to share 1000 #wolcircles around the globe

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