On the Shoulders of Giants – #wolweek

We do our best work together. 

 ‘If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants’ – Isaac Newton

On The Shoulders

My best work builds on the ideas of others. I am supported in my work by networks of people who give generously of their ideas their time and their networks.

Working out loud helps me to better leverage these networks and leverage their boost up to see just a little further. Sharing work in progress makes it open to the contributions of my network of giants. 

#wolweek is a chance to share that experience with others. This wolweek we begin a campaign to create 1000 working out loud circles so that 5000 people can benefit from the lift of others in their network in achieving a goal that matters. 

Of Giants

If you depend on giants for your view, you need to remember to feed them. If you only take from the giants, they will walk away leaving you alone.

When working out loud is practiced with generosity, you give back to others. The network gets its return and the giants will stay around to hold you up.

#wolweek is for me a chance to give back to all those who have supported me. Some of these are the inspirations and thought leaders that I try to recognise in the social streams. Others are the leaders and contributors who advocate and make change happen.

Hopefully as #wolweek grows we can give back to a wider global community too. 

Spreading the practice of working out loud will foster a mindset of making contributions to networks. That’s why spreading #wolcircles is important. A #wolcircle participant can’t be selfish in working out loud. They must give and take. 

In a globally connected world we all stand on the shoulders of giants if we work out loud with generosity.

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