We are Us

We are Us.

We lose this simple truth too often. We see groups of people as having inherent characteristics that create forces external to the individuals involved. From time to time, we begin to believe that our companies, groups and organisations make us into something we don’t want to be. These forces in groups are those we choose to accept. Power, history, culture, ideologies, politics, values and the way we do things around here only persist because we are not working to change them.

We are Us.

If we want our organisation to care for us, we need to care for each other. If we want our organisations to be more aware, we must be more self-aware and share what we see. If we want to find the purpose of an organisation, we must start looking at our own purposes and how they are shared with others. If we want an organisation to learn better, faster or more, then we must change our own approaches to learning and work. If we want an organisation to change, it begins with changes in our actions.

We are Us.

If we don’t change our organisations when needed, they will fail. We will no longer be a group that shares a future together. The impacts of that failure will fall not on some abstract organisation but on each the individuals involved.

We are Us.

Every individual has a role to play to help the group change. Every individual has a right to shape the group through their participation. The influences in a group are a sum of individual interactions. There is nobody else to do the work of change.

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