Clarity takes Mastery

There are no limits on how clear you can be on your purpose, your concerns, your circumstances and your action. Clarity takes mastery.

The last month has been chaotic with activity on all fronts. #wolweek became a frenzy on top of that maelstrom of activity. In moments like these I always find myself longing for greater clarity. Clarity is the starting point for focus and effective action. Clarity helps sift out the urgent but not important, the distractions and the pointless worries.

I have learned the hard way that there is no end point in this search for greater clarity. Understanding yourself, your environment and your goals well is an exercise in continual mastery. You grow, things change and you can always learn more. Communicating what you have learned to others with clarity is also a challenge of mastery.

Seeing clearly

Our minds are filters. They cut out much to enable us to focus and to act. We need to ensure that important information is not cut out in this process. We also need to be able to break unhelpful thoughts with new inputs. Without clarity we lose a lot of valuable insight.

Mindfulness helps to create the space to see clearly. Better understanding your purpose provides a focal point to guide greater clarity. Personal Knowledge Mastery helps structure your search and reflect on the value created in networks. Testing and learning guides your next action to be ever more clear and effective. Each of these journeys of mastery also helps you to express your purpose more clearly to others, saving time and effort and deepening relationships further.

Small increments in clarity reduce stress and dramatically improve effectiveness. There is no end point. Start the work of improvement today.

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