#wolweek Day 7: Learn More. Learn Faster.

Learn more. Learn Faster.

Success is not about what you are. Success is about what you will become.

Success is not about being good, knowing enough or making the right choices. Success is about experimenting to learn faster and learn more. Success is about matching capabilities to the opportunities around you.

The future will not judge you on what you are today. The future will judge you on how well you used your opportunities and potential.

Don’t worry about how you compare to the people that you can see around you. Worry about the ones moving past. They will be the ones who pursue mastery. They will have learned to learn faster.

Everyone is good. Everyone gets better. Nobody becomes great until they get a whole lot better. That demands that they learn faster than others. The great have made more mistakes. They have done more. They share more. As a result, they have learned more in less time.

Every new lesson, capability and expertise creates options. Every new network interaction creates options. In volatile times, options have value. Create options for yourself by learning more, faster. Those hard-won options will matter when your moment comes.

Learn more. Learn faster. Earn your success with effort.

International Working Out Loud Week is 17-24 November 2014

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