Change the World. Why? Because it is You.

Nobody escapes being a change agent. Every day every thing that we do makes some change to the world. Cumulatively these changes are our legacy, whether from indifference, for good or for bad. The best change agents are intentional – focusing their efforts on their personal purpose.  

At the intersection of your many daily activities, you will find a common point of your personal purpose. That purpose is the urgency at the heart of the changes that you want to make in the world. That purpose determines the impact you will have and how others know and remember you

What do the following have in common?

  • customer experience, sales & marketing
  • leadership & change
  • design thinking, innovation & strategy
  • knowledge, learning, capability and careers
  • purpose & potential
  • social change, social value, & community
  • communication, interaction & social networking
  • digital transformation
  • the future of work

This list is a selection of the recurrent themes of my work and my blog. So why have I spent my career working in these areas? Why do I keep coming back to these topics? 

My personal answer lies in this commonality:

Doing well in these fields demands that you respect others, work constantly to better understand others and your work must help create a world that is a little more human

This insight drives me and focuses my interest and activities. This insight help shapes what I do next and the impact I seek to have on the world. Knowing why is powerful.

Understand the insights into your purpose found at your own personal intersection.  That critical insight is invaluable to guide your future actions. That insight will help provide energy, motivation and resilience for what you do.

When you understand why, you will want even more to change the world in your own unique way. You will want to take control of your impacts. Why is the engine of how.

Why? Because changing the world your way is realising the best potential you have.

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