Mahna Mahna

I love the Muppets.  As someone who has grown up with Jim Henson’s creations, from Sesame Street to today, I have seen this song performed many times. Every time it gets stuck in my head. Mahna Mahna has its own place in pop culture. Slate Magazine even profiled its origins, history and is influence.

The lesson…

The magic of the Muppets is the ability to capture moments of human nature and make us laugh.

There is a lesson in this little performance for any leader or person pushing change. When Mahna Mahna collaborates, others follow along.  When Mahna Mahna becomes absorbed in his own scat singing, he gradually loses the interest of his followers. The Snowths stop singing and wait for him to finish. When he returns to the collaboration, they engage again.

We have all seen leaders pushing change who get overly excited by their message. They end up talking to themselves about change.  

Never forget the goal is to take others along. This can require frustratingly small steps of collaboration and a focus on engagement, so that others don’t get lost or you don’t appear self absorbed.

And like Mahna Mahna, never give up and keep having fun!

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