The Gift of Gratitude

Every Friday morning at 8 o’clock I have a event in my calendar. That event is marked by the word Gratitude. It is a reminder to me before the week ends to reflect on those things for which I am grateful and to express my gratitude to those who have helped, support or inspired me during the week.

That reminder has been in my diary since 2015 and has really helped me find more time to recognise others. Importantly, the consistent reflection and the giving to others also helps my mood. Taking time to find what is going well and is helping matters. Reinforcing that in your key relationships is important. I have been stunned how many people weren’t expecting thanks or did not realise the value of their work to me.

I never have to invent gratitude. When I stop and reflect there is always a lot for which I am grateful. There are always others to whom I owe my thanks. Making sure I tell them is a simple thing.

We don’t go through life alone. Take the time to thank those who are making your life better. That has never been more important.

Gratitude is a simple gesture. Everybody gains. Let’s practice more gratitude in all aspects of our lives.

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