‘Every human being has the freedom to change at any instant’

Victor Frankl

When the reality is oppressive, we need dreams. Dreams are the stories that help us remember our potential. Dreams can be our guide to change

We don’t expect dreams to come to life as they are. They are not a roadmap. Dreams are a story of how things could be. They are a signpost to new and better things. Nightmares are signposts to paths we want to avoid.

Dreams don’t lead us into the trapped of a fixed pursuit of a goal or an overly optimistic deadline. Neither of these are suited to our time. They both are likely to lead to disappointments. We need hope but we also need a cold calculation of where we stand today and how we can act.

The value of dreams is that they are not a simple mission statement. Dreams come as full stories whether they are the ones we have when we sleep or the lives we imagine while awake. We can share these stories to inspire ourselves and others to new hope and new action together.

Our dreams guide our sense of purpose and shape our attitude. Never has it been more important than to take care of our attitudes, acknowledging the lows and preparing for what comes next.

We can choose our attitude. We can choose our dreams. We can act today if we can. That maybe all we have. That is enough for now.

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