Stop the busy. Take a break.

A late videoconference meeting dropped into my diary today. I had to schedule it on the road to another event. I stopped in a park to take the call. As I waited for the start, the meeting was rescheduled.

I had been given an enormous gift. I went from being overly busy to having time to stop.

In Melbourne today, the sun is out and the park was quiet with only the distant noise of traffic and construction. I decide to take a break on the grass for the half hour of the lost call. I didn’t do email. I didn’t do calls. I didn’t read the news. I stopped and took a break.

This simple break outside let me recharge, find my calm and relax into the work that is to come. I have a much clearer focus for the afternoon ahead now. My body’s and mind’s gratitude tell me that it was overdue.

Take a break. Find 10, 15. 20 or 30 minutes. Go lie on some grass and stare at the sky.

The productivity boost is worth it.

PS Hayfever tablets recommended.

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