Someone has to start. Other people might not be cooperative, but that is not connected to you. My advice is this: you should start. With no regard to whether others are cooperative or not. – Alfred Adler quoted in ‘The Courage to Be Disliked’ by Kishimi and Koga.


It is the only moment you have.

You have no control over the past.

The future is not here yet.

The only decision is what to do now.

Why does it have to be you?

You can see the potential.

You bring your potential to grow.

Now you can start.

Now you can be better.

Now you can make things better.

Will it be easy? No.

Will others help? They have their work. The generous will contribute. The passionate will align.

Will it succeed? You will learn.

Why start? You are best placed to see the potential now.

How should you start? Small, fast, agile, openly, generously, and now.



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