The Good Fear

You feel it first as a nervous tension. Don’t turn from Good Fear.  It is here to help. Embrace the Good Fear. Working through Good Fear is what helps you grow.

We all encounter the Good Fear every day:

  • The fear when you don’t know.
  • The fear that comes when you leave your comfort zone behind.
  • The fear of being not quite ready.
  • The fear of an uncertain outcome or a new level of complexity.
  • The fear of being not quite perfect

Because the Good Fear is frightening, uncomfortable and a sign of danger, we might be tempted to back away, to wait or to prepare harder. Instead, the Good Fear is a sign that you are ready. You know where the challenges lie. You may not yet know what to do, but you know something new and better is required.

Good Fear is what puts you on alert, ready to learn and adapt. Good Fear guides you to where your stretch can be found. Good Fear challenges you to bring your strengths to the table. Good Fear shows you what you don’t know and what you know that happens to be false.

Find the Good Fear. Work it.

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