Keep Asking for What You Want

Our connected world is great at supplying solutions. However everyone needs to know what problems you want to solve. Ask for what you want. Don’t stop asking until you get it. 

I was raised to be grateful for whatever life brings. My life has been overwhelmingly positive. I have received so many blessings it is hard to be thankful enough. However the flip side of a pattern of success and an attitude of acceptance is that it can cause me to forget to ask explicitly for what I want. Waiting quietly can replace a public hustle.   

Let’s be blunt. The universe respects hustle. The return doesn’t come to the five minute version of hustle. The universe rewards persistent and public effort. Success is driven by continuing to build relationships, sticking at a plan, learning from experience and working hard at clear goals. Overnight success is usually a seven year effort. 

How does our connected world deliver its help? When you are clear what you want and go after it, you are more likely to succeed. Focus helps you and helps others to help you. Just publicly putting your Purpose into the world can start to attract people, resources and efforts of help. The support of others, their help and opportunities will help you stay focused and persist. Persistence will attract more people and more opportunities to solve your challenges and meet your needs. 

If you don’t ever express what you want, then you are missing out. Give yourself the time and the opportunity to get what you want. Keep publicly pushing for your goal. Our connected world will reward your intent & persistence in time. 

Thanks to Eddie Harran for the inspiration 

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