Digital Workplace Masterclass

Really Looking forward to helping people set up their plans for 2017 with this Strategic Planning workshop for Enterprise Social Networks and Digital Workplace initiatives. Join us in Melbourne on 16 November and set yourself up for success.

Ripple Effect Group


Melbourne – 16 November, 2016

Did you know that digitally mature workplaces are 26% more profitable than their competitors?

Digital technologies are fundamentally changing the way we work beyond purely operational efficiencies that lead to cost savings. Digital workplaces offer organisations and employees the opportunity to deliver real strategic benefits. To achieve the benefits and successfully transition there are 2 key elements: a clear vision and a well constructed implementation plan that also defines measures of success. How prepared is your organisation for the changing business landscape?

In this practical masterclass, Anne Bartlett-Bragg and Simon Terry will guide your development of a strategic plan for your digital workplace approach. Combining deep dives into practical use cases for your organisation with a workshop to develop your own personal strategic plan, this masterclass will put you in the position to lead and manage your workplace implementation to success.

This workshop is relevant to people…

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