Who leads Digital Transformation? Everyone

The CEO should lead digital transformation. CIOs or CMOs should lead digital transformation. You should have a Chief Digital Officer. The posts keep coming offering candidates for the heroic change leaders to make your organisation effective in the digital era. 

By now it is clear that the potential of and ramifications of digital technologies impact every part of your organisation. This is not a future concern. The change is comin fast now. Why should any manager or employee in your organisation wait for a heroic leader to map that change for them?  If the impact is everywhere and here now, why don’t we ask everyone to lead change. 

The organisations best leveraging digital technology aren’t relying on one hero or heroine. We are more than one decade beyond the time that digital change was remarkable or out of the ordinary. Digital technology and approaches are embedded everywhere so the best performing digital organisations. have connected their whole organisation to the digital transformation challenge and are using digital tools and techniques to coordinate the change through the actions of all employees. These organisations are using change agents to leverage both big and small digital changes in all their work. 

Don’t wait for heroic change leadership to work. Don’t rely on change from outside. Engage every  employee in thinking through how they can make their work more effective with digital tools and approaches. Give them all employees power to experiment and lead change to be more effective. That’s the true digital transformation. 

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