Look Beyond Yourself

Having a bad day, week or month? Look beyond yourself. The answer might just be around you. Your networks are the start of a new level of effectiveness.

Our world is so complex and connected know that nobody has all the answers themselves. You can’t expect to get from beginning to end of any meaningful challenge all on your own. Step out of seeing your challenges as a personal battle and engage with others. Work out loud and discover what your communities and networks have to offer you in your work:

  • Need to make contact with someone who can help? Ask around in your friends and colleagues and use their networks.  The right person is only a few hops away.
  • Want to learn something new? Ask others how they went about learning their way forward. Find a mentor or coach or guide.
  • Need to Solve a problem? Ask your network for help, ideas or experts
  • Want to win support for a change? Go discuss your change with those who can help you.

No challenge is too big for your network. They won’t come to you. Go take your problems out to the world and see what help you can find. At a minimum, you will find new perspectives.

In the process of finding your solutions in the networks of your life, you will discover the passion, generosity, genius and friendship that awaits.

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