A Better Year Beckons


The first of July in Australia signals the beginning of a new financial year. For many organisations, this means all the scores are back to zero and there are new work challenges to be achieved. The year ahead promises higher targets and more challenges as we try to do more with less in even more complex times. Starting the new year can feel like entering a new complicated tunnel.

You have a better year ahead. However, more of the same won’t get you where you need to go. You will need to make change to make it happen. Working more effectively will be driven by three key changes and a mindset of continuous learning & adaptation.

Focus on Purpose & Value

We deliver purpose and value in our work. That’s all that matters. The surest way to cut waste from your work and to improve your personal effectiveness is to focus on the value that you need to achieve. Anything that doesn’t deliver purpose or create value can be cut without loss. That might mean you have to start again or do something completely different. Are you clear on the connection of your work to the organisations strategic goals? Are you driving enough business value every day?

Start with a plan to achieve purpose and value. Adapt that plan as you learn from work throughout the year.


We don’t have to do everything alone. The value of collaborating in networks is that we can leverage the information, expertise and resources of others to work more effectively. How can you share your work to benefit from these collaborations? How can you help others to solve their challenges and benefit in return? When you need a step change in return, you are going to have to work beyond your own expertise and the limits of your own efforts.

Most importantly, old ways of work just won’t cut it any more. We have pushed more for less to breaking point. We need to examine new ways to approach every aspect of our work and rethink our work for the opportunities offered to co-create in networks that reach around the world.

Take Calculated Risks

Risk and return are correlated. You can’t have one without the other. The greater the uncertainty the greater the opportunity for you to create new value.

You will need to experiment, to test and to learn to find a way forward through the complex systems in which you work. That means you must act when uncertain of the outcome, when it might feel dangerous or when you are not sure you are up to the challenge. You will be able to mitigate some but not all of the risk by focusing on value and collaborating with others. However only personal leadership and your personal actions can bring about a better future. Take the opportunities ahead of you.

If you want to discuss how to apply this to make your work and the work of your team more effective this year, get in touch. I can help you to take the right actions to make this year’s work more effective than ever.

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