We have them. Every moment presents a new choice. Every moment gives us the chance to choose our work, to pick our way or to better fulfil a purpose.

We have more than we want but never the ones we need. Choices are always with us but the big ones are too quick and the small ones seem too slow dragging us back and distracting us from the next big step.

We are more likely to fail from a small choice than a big one. We do every day. That’s what small choices are for, ways we test explore and shape our world incrementally.

Choices come in hard and soft and a myriad of variations in between like the cheeses. The difficulty of the choice is simply a flavour. It plays no part in the significance. All the effort we put into our decisions is process not outcome.

The most satisfying choices are created like sculptures carved out of solid blocks with a hammer, chisel, polishing tools and lots of perspiration. When made these choices look so perfect that they were always there ready made.

Our choices are our life, our work and our purpose. Abandoning choice leaves these outcomes to others.

So what do you choose now?

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