Not Quite Digital

You lost customers over your service migration. 

The fax machine is always busy. 

The CEO prints emails. 

Internet access requires a paper form. 

All of the product information on your site is available in easily downloadable pdf. 

Your digital consultant has 39 followers. 

Your digital strategy is 150 pages of PowerPoint in a binder on a shelf in the archive. 

Everyone is too busy preparing for performance reviews to collaborate.

Everyone wants to know the ROI. 

Your office isn’t visible on Google Maps. 

You routinely save documents to USB drives because of the capacity limits on your desktop and server drives.

It takes 90 days to get through the approval process to deploy in a release window.

The Transformation project has produced more video than code. 

Design thinking happens in the creative department. 

Investment committee meetings go for 3 days. 

The head of product always tells a story about the launch of the iPod. 

Only the complaints department sees customer feedback and they are too busy to share it. 

You had an API but shut it down because people were using it. 

Your mobile strategy is to migrate to SMS because WAP adoption has been disappointing. 

The coffee table book in your foyer celebrates your centenary, 25 years ago.

The only scrum occurs when the fruit basket is delivered each week. 

Your app has a manual. 

Your big data strategy begins with some offshoring of data entry. 

You have multiple single sign-ons. 

Everybody in the leadership team has visited Silicon Valley (at least once).

End-to-end processes is a vision. 

Calls to your call centre are directly correlated to communications you send your customers. 

The whiteboard in your head of transformation’s team area says ‘do not erase’ 

It has only a drawing of a cloud on it 

Change is what you get from the vending machine

And you just sent an analyst out to buy sticky notes.

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