The Value of Extra

Many organisations performance management values only more. When your organisation values extra outcomes, you lay the foundation for collaboration and innovation.

I meet organisations whose performance management schemes are so tightly managed that the only outcomes that are valued are those planned at the start of the year. Not surprisingly the narrow focus on more of one or two outcomes limits the potential of people and the organisation to change. Their efforts on new ideas or new collaborations will not be counted.

This focus solely on more value is another example of the Golden Goose School of Management. Specifying performance of people like widgets is only a localised maximum. The most obvious consequence of managing performance in this way is getting more of things you no longer need when circumstances change.

I have generally chosen to work where people value both more and extra value. The simple addition of extra value enables people to step beyond the box of their role. They can pursue new ideas, projects and collaborations without the need to seek approvals or changes to performance scorecards. This enables people to respond to changes and do what needs to be done. If that means a CEO of a small healthcare payments business sponsors the parent group’s enterprise social network, it happens and it is valued.

Make sure you value the extra contributions of your people whatever they are. The future of work will demand the flexibility in value and performance.

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