Day 5: Celebrate Out Loud #wolweek

Make the work of others public so that we can celebrate it.

If you take only one thing from #wolweek it should be that public praise has value. You can’t celebrate the work of others enough when that work is hidden and you are silent.

None of us make enough effort to celebrate the great work going on around us. We become used to the support, the services and the products that let us do our work.

Who makes the great coffee you drink in the morning? Do they know how much you appreciate their work? What about the security guard who knows your name and greets you with a smile?

Who are your biggest supporters at work? Are they experiencing the same silence? Are they left wondering if they are making a difference?

Who in your life enables you to work? Do you publicly recognise their contributions.

Take a minute today and everyday to thank and celebrate those who help you do the work you do.

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