The declining anxieties of #wol

Practice reduces the shifting anxieties of working out loud.

At the beginning of our practice when working out loud is new we are anxious about the risks of sharing our work: embarrassment, mistakes and consequences. This is the time of the finger that trembles to push the button on a post.

As practice of working out loud progresses we see our initial anxieties were misplaced. Bad stuff rarely happen. Great things do. Our growing body of work makes each individual contribution less significant in the judgement of others.

Our new issue is becomes the danger that nothing might happen when we work out loud. As practice grows we are anxious about our networks, the quality of our engagement with others and whether we will add value through #wol. At the same time working out loud helps provide a solution to these fears. The transparency, generosity and action helps us to improve our networks, increase our engagement with others and creat value.

Consistent practice goes further still. Now we do more than reduce our anxiety about working out loud. Mastery of working out loud reduces our anxiety about our work and our life. Facing any challenge is far easier when your capabilities are supported by rich and vibrant communities that understand you, your needs and are willing to help.

If you are anxious about your #wol, experiment and keep going. Practice does make perfect.

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