#Wolweek day 3 – Embedding habits

Only 8% of people keep new year’s resolutions. 25% don’t even survive a week. New habits are hard to create. Why? Life gets in the way.

Nearing the midpoint of International Working Out Loud week we can reflect on this challenge. Many people have had great success & new energy. Some people are disappointed that more of their colleagues & networks are not working out loud. Others are disappointed that they haven’t worked out loud more, better or differently.

Life is getting in the way. It always does.

The value of International Working Out Loud Week is not perfect practice. The value of #wolweek is real practice in a community of other practitioners. We learn together. We support each other together. There have already been many amazing interactions triggered by this new working out loud. Everyone is a real moment of generosity.

The goal of 1000 #wolcircles recognises the potential of a 12 week peer support process to help us to learn and to support us in our practice. Life gets in the way but having other people around helps keep you practising. If you or your organisation want to accelerate the habit consider #wolcircles.

#Wolweek is never perfect. Perfection is for things that are complete and can’t be improved. Working out loud helps us to get better. We can all keep doing that a little more and a little more together.

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