Choose enthusiasm

I am often told by others that I am so positive and enthusiastic. My concern is that enthusiasm and positivity shouldn’t be remarkable.

My enthusiasm for life and work comes from knowing my circumstances come from the choices I make. I choose to do what brings me the opportunity to be positive. I choose to work with those that I trust, value and with whom I genuinely enjoy the work. If these circumstances change, I change either fix things or choose to change what I’m doing to ensure I can spend my time making a positive contribution. I embrace my choices wholeheartedly, even the bad ones.

I don’t always choose to do the fun stuff. Life doesn’t work that way. Life need to be purposeful and fulfilling purpose takes effort and setbacks. My enthusiasm is because I know these challenges are part of the work. I just need to keep going and get past them.

I take care to balance enthusiasm with reality. I don’t want to be positive about the rose coloured view. I want to be positive about now as it really is. However that realism extends to being realistic about making change. Many fears never eventuate.

Making choices is never free of consequences. There’s money, fun, relationships and opportunities lost at every turn. Some choices disappoint. However living a life is not free of consequences. We have choice so use it and move on without regret.

Embrace your choices with positivity and enthusiasm. If you can’t do that, make a change. There’s nothing more powerful than to approach this moment with positivity and enthusiasm.

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