You are bothered.

Boldly going #mambo

A photo posted by Michelle Williams (@mia_will) on Apr 7, 2015 at 2:25am PDT


Change doesn’t just happen. Your leadership opportunity is that things bother you enough to make change. Make change happen.

There is an insight in the image above from Michelle Williams. Most people simply can’t be bothered. These are the people who say ‘surely someone is responsible for fixing that’ or ‘I am sure that change would be too hard’.

Of the few who do start to act, many abandon action at the first difficulties.

The responsibility to lead change often falls to those who chose to act differently. People want change but they can’t be bothered. When they see someone who acts, they can get on board or at least not get in the way. Authority to lead is given to those who chose to act. 

Change is hard. It doesn’t just happen. Take what is bothering you. Find more people who are bothered too. Turn your collective concern into action. Persist.

That annoying bother won’t be fixed any other way.

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