Adaptive practice.

There is no perfect method.

Searching for a perfect method is not work and is a waste.  

The best way to judge a method is to use it. 

Method should be a path to better personal practice.

Use what helps you work better.  

All methods fail at some point.  

Stop using a method when it no longer works.  

The method no longer works when: 

  • you are spending time on the method that could be spent working
  • you continue to need a consultant, a manual or a system to help you to use the method
  • you do not understand, you feel less capable or you do not know what to do next. 
  • the method does not improve your work.
  • the method stops or delays your work.  

If the method doesn’t work, change it or choose another that works. 

Build your own method through adaptation. 

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