Lessons for and from J: an #otherie

This morning I had to get an early cab to the airport. My driver’s name began with J and he is a 29 year old looking to make a living and a better place for himself in the world. J and I spoke all the way to the airport. We exchanged otheries. There is no photo so you will need to settle for a thousand words of what I learned. Remember this all came about because in my otherie, I concentrated on what I can give.

J showed interest in me first. He wanted to know what I did. When I said I was a consultant, he wanted to know my history, goals and how I built my consulting business.

In return, I asked what he was trying to achieve over the next 5 years. J drives a cab to make some money but want to do more. He already runs a truck and driver for furniture deliveries and wants to build that business. He’s had success with online advertising on Gumtree and wants to do more. His customers are a great source of referrals. J wants to have paid off his house by age 45.

We ended up in a wide ranging conversation about entrepreneurship, learning, hard work and creating your own luck. We both saw the value of a simple approach to building business:
– focus on finding and talking to customers
– build networks to generate additional connection to customers and to referrals
– recognise that ‘doing the same thing and expecting a different result’ is the definition of insanity. Be prepared to make changes.
– Focus your changes on small simple steps that are tests of new ways of working.
– Do more of what works. Change what doesn’t
– Ask yourself ‘what can I do more, better or different?’ Keep trying new things.
– Most of all, recognise that luck is when opportunity meets preparation. Be alert and be prepared.

That advice might be simple but we often need to be reminded to focus on the basics. I need that reminder often. J liked the focus on seeing simple steps as a way to do more and do different.

J is excited. He had a few new ideas to try. I was excited because I was reminded of the power of coaching and simple practical advice.

That’s the power of the #otherie.

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