Share the delta

Knowledge grows & iterates. Share the changes.

Imagine you could write a blog post that perfectly encapsulates all that you know. You would need to write it again tomorrow. In each day there are learnings and insights that shift your knowledge, experience, skills and perspectives. 

We can’t write that one perfect post. There is no point when it is immediately out of date. Besides the short attention spans of blog audiences indicate nobody but your biggest fan would read it. 

However, there is another way to share what you know. Share the changes in your knowledge, the delta. Work out loud on how your knowledge grows. Sharing this delta consistently will draw all that you know into the conversation over time. Build a new discipline. This process of sharing will accelerate your learning and iteration. You won’t have one perfect post, but over time you will build a web of interwoven posts. 

Share the delta. 

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