17-24 November 2014 is International Working Out Loud Week

Work out loud. 

Let others in to the mysteries of your work. Let others find out what you know and how you do it. Let others learn from your expertise, your tips and your tricks. Let others know so that they can guide, connect, help and accelerate you.

Share your work on a post it note on your office door. Write on a whiteboard. Post a note to the enterprise social network. Give a talk. Share with the world in communities, and other social tools. However you can, share your work visibly for others to find.

Show interest in the now more visible work of others. Help others to achieve their goals. Share your networks to build theirs. Recognise their achievements and their efforts. Share your insights, advice and expertise.

Work is not a secret mystery of private talents with sudden successful outcome. Work is a long iterative and collaborative process of learning together. Working out loud facilitates better outcomes and a more effective and human process.

Work out loud. There’s an adventure ahead.


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