What is today’s experiment?

Today you are going to work, play, eat, create, watch, start, engage, walk, open, converse, complete and dream. The list of verbs that will fill your busy day is long and ever growing. How many of these will you do unthinkingly without considering another possible way?

Make sure you don’t miss an important verb in any day: experiment.

How are you going to experiment? What is the one small change you want to test today? What hunch do you have that things can be better?

Just the act of reflecting on the alternatives will improve your day. Going through your day learning as you measure your experiments will add even greater value.

If you are struggling for a hypothesis to test in an experiment, here are three universal examples to test today:

– you will learn more talking to more people: engage someone in conversation who is not part of your usual circle
– purpose matters: start a conversation about the reason for a piece of work to assess the energy and effectiveness of the discussion
– leadership exists in every role: enable someone to see the difference that they can make. Test your leadership and theirs.

Today is a busy day full of opportunities to experiment with the power of small change.

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