Don’t Put Your Hand Up

You know the gesture. Put your hand up in the air and wait to be called.

Keep your hand down. Don’t do it again. Even the version where only you know that your hand is raised. Nobody knows you are waiting eagerly to be called to contribute.

We learned the gesture in childhood. At school, it was the way we asked permission to speak and permission to act. It became the way we interrupted the decision making adults.

We might no longer put our hand up. However the expectation remains that we must wait for permission to speak and permission to act. We wait for the decision making adults.

A parent-child relationship belongs in a family. It doesn’t belong in the workplace or in our social relationships.

Don’t wait for others to give you permission to say what needs to be said or to do what needs to be done. We are the adults now. The decisions are ours.

Keep your hand down and act.

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