Access, Reach & Transparency

Networks of people working together are not new. Networks run through all our relationships at work. The access, reach and transparency of our networks is what helps change the future of work.

Humans are Connected. Humans are Social

Networks were social before social networks. Being social in networks of relationships is what defines humanity. We sit around campfires. The first call on a telephone network was between colleagues. We tell jokes in the pub and send jokes by email. We share cat pictures by mail, email and on the internet.

Ordering products for delivery by mail existed before Amazon. Linkedin did not invent business networking. Instagram did not create the sharing of photos. Airbnb did not create the lodger. Data was big before we could manage it. Yo existed as an exclamation before the Yo app.

Access, Reach & Transparency

Digital and social networks have changed the game by radically expanding the access, reach and transparency of human networks. We can reach more people with greater ease than ever and our interactions are recorded to be accessed by others.

The changes in access, reach and transparency enable us to better see the wirearchies that weave through our hierarchies. They offer us new ways to seek information, to make sense of the world and to share our learnings. These changes offer new ways of working, collaborating and cooperating.

We must remember that all that has changed is the access, reach and transparency. Our new networks must support human endeavour and human relationships. Together we connect, we share, we solve challenges and we innovate. There is no magic other than the magic of human creativity.

Let’s keep human potential at the heart of our work in networks.

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