The Formula for Awesome


The Formula for Awesome

(A greater purpose + Urgency to act +

Humility to learn + Generosity to share openly)


(Persistence + Collaboration in Community)



The theme of Do Lectures Australia was the many emotional reactions to the stories of the speakers. Over and over I was touched personally by the stories of the changes that people made happen. The power of the personal impact was played out in the elements of the formula above

Get Started

Purpose: Nobody starts working on change without a reason why.  The stronger the purpose the more powerful the story.

Urgency to Act: Again and again stories began with a simple decision to do something. Now. They continued when people decided to do something. Again.

Improve Effectiveness

Humility to Learn: Nobody is perfect. Nobody knows everything. Everybody makes mistakes. An openness and a humility to learn and to take advice matters to effectiveness and influence.

Generosity: Every Doer gives of themselves in creating their work. Many give generously beyond that as well. The more people shared and gave of themselves the greater the power.

Multiply the Power of Action by Sustaining the Work

Persistence: Things don’t go right. Opposition is eternal. Things take time. The more effort over time the greater the power of all the work.

Collaboration in Community: Nobody is an island. Being engaged with and supported by a community is critical to ensuring the work matters and that it benefits from the exponential potential of a network.

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