Danger on the Door

Too many of our organisations need ‘Danger’ written on the door. We need to remind Leaders that they must lead change to succeed in the a disruptive world outside. We also need leaders to work to make organisations a safer place for employees to realise their potential.


The Warnings of Network Disruption are Around Us.

Walk through any city and you can see the evidence of disruption from the technologies of the network era. That evidence needs to be a warning to all of us of the dangers of not changing our organisations to stay relevant to employees, customers and community.

In Burnley, a suburb of Melbourne near the railway station you will find this derelict building with grass growing on the roof, its windows smashed and concrete crumbling away. The Danger sign on the door is a warning to us all.


This little piece of history of the railway organisation is now redundant. Upgrades to more modern networked power and switching technology in the railway means that this building is no longer required as its functions are now managed better elsewhere in the network. With the building’s function disrupted, nobody needs to work here any more and the building is left to decay, except for the odd coat of paint when the graffiti gets out of control. 

The future of your organisation looks like this, if you don’t embrace the network era and lead the change required to keep your organisation relevant to customers and to your people. This building is one small warning that your organisation needs to be a Responsive Organisation.

Too Many Organisations have the Danger Sign on the Inside.

Many organisations are confident that their history, people, bricks, iron and concrete are good defences against a hostile environment. Leaders of these organisations do not face outwards to help lead the change required. Instead they turn inwards to shore up power and protect themselves.

Simon Sinek eloquently explains the dangers of this approach in his talk to 99U.  Leaders need to take up the challenge of realising human potential and making work a better place for people.

In organisations where leaders don’t work daily to realise human potential, the danger is not outside in the environment.  Danger reverberates around inside these organisations as big and little threats to safety, affecting employees and customers every day. These organisations need a Danger sign on the front door to warn employees of the risks of their work.

Start leading human potential.  Start leading the changes to your organisation for a network era. 

No organisation should have Danger written on the door.

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