The Future of Leadership – Reading


Leadership is the technology of human potential. We know that leadership needs new concepts to adapt to a network era. Without the right new leadership concepts, we won’t realise the human potential of the future of work.

Change Agents Worldwide is offering solutions and development opportunities for change leaders looking to make the transition to network era. I am excited to work with an extraordinary team of change agents to bring that about. Leadership can come from any role, so building capabilities matters for all individuals and for all teams.  The opportunities are tailored to people’s personal goals, needs and position in the organisation.

Getting Here

Creating the future of leadership in a network era takes a diverse series of influences. The list below is the set of books, articles and blogs that have most influenced my personal learning. Like all such lists it is partial and personal. There are too many great thinkers and leaders whose work I have not had the time to read or the space to include here. I have included a long list under categories to enable people to dip into sources that they may not have seen before.

If you are looking for some great places to start, here my list:

General Leadership Agenda:

Leadership Stories

The Rationale For Change

Adaptive Leadership Techniques:

Discovering Purpose & Authenticity:

Personal and Organisational Learning:

Working Out Loud:

Network Leadership:

Systems & Design Thinking


Community Building

Any list like this is partial. These are the works on leadership that I go back to again and again as inspirations. This list clearly could be far more diverse and far longer. 

Whose leadership inspires you? Who has been left out of this list? What materials should people read or engage with to design the future of leadership in the future of work?  

I look forward to seeing your additional ideas and suggestions in the comments.


Change Agents Worldwide has a free e-book with essays on steps companies can take to be ready for the future of work.

* In an earlier version of this post Stowe Boyd’s Manisfesto was incorrectly referred to as The Manifesto for the New World of Work. The post has now been amended.

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