The Season for Giving


Christmas is the season for giving.  A time when we celebrate sharing with others. 

Here’s my gift to you:

You have extraordinary potential and you share an even greater potential with the rest of the people in your organisation.

Ok, you might be a tad disappointed. I’ll admit the gift is a little used. I am only giving you back something you already own, but it is one of the most important things you possess.  This potential is misplaced too easily in the hurly burly of daily work. I found yours waiting for you in a desk drawer.

Take back the gift of your potential

You do what you do for a purpose.  Your potential is how you will achieve your personal purpose.

Unshackle yourself. Leverage the roles you can play.  Let go of the thoughts, the doubts and the risks holding you back. Ask yourself new questions. Invest in your networks, your capabilities and your learning. Build your influence.

Help others take back the gift of potential

Unshackle your organisation. Leverage its capabilities and potential. Embrace a little chaos, a little humanity and the power of networks.  You are together for a reason. If you didn’t believe in the potential of the people and the purpose you pursue together, you wouldn’t be there.

Let people show you what they can do as they take risks, take up new roles, network and create amazing new capabilities together.  Build that community of potential and the understanding of common purpose. Invest in helping others to do more, to learn and realise their potential too. Experiment and adapt.

Used well this gift of your potential and your organisation’s potential is what is going to make 2014 a very special year.

Merry Christmas.  I hope you use the gift.  Sorry I didn’t have more elegant wrapping.

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