Never Give Up Your Dream

Keep up the daily effort and keep your dream alive.

Recently, I saw the excellent Trinitas program from Melbourne Chamber Orchestra. Performing among the many talented artists that night was Shane Chen. Shane impressed the audience with his playing, energy and enthusiasm of his performance of the Schubert Rondo in A Major for Violin and Strings D438.

I was surprised to hear that it is only in the last three years Shane has pursued a career as a professional musician. When he approached ANAM 3 years ago looking to restart a musical career, he was working in a shipping company having given up his dreams of a musical career for a more remunerative pursuit of commerce. Importantly, he had kept up his passion and practice and remained ready to take risks for his dream. Those risks were very real given his path was unconventional for a classical musician. The teachers at ANAM saw his potential and after 3 years of hard work, Shane talent & passion shines in his performance.

If you face a challenging career dream, follow Shane Chen’s example:

  • Keep up the work towards your goal. Daily practice of some kind creates options. Surrender guarantees your option is lost.
  • Take risks to do what you want. The path to success is not easy, sure or straight.
  • Find great people to help.

The last point is why I believe organisations like ANAM and MCO and teachers like Bill Hennessy are critical to the careers of artists in Melbourne. Stories like Shane’s show the support talented artists need to pursue their careers and brave the risks involved. Without someone to nurture talent and and providing support & opportunities, fewer artists will pursue their career dreams and produce great work.

So as you pursue your career dreams, what can you do to help the dreams of others be realized?

P.S. if you need a suggestion, MCO would love your help to continue to realise dreams and create great music

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